How Do You Compare Prices for Motorcycle Insurance?

compare-prices-motorcycle-insurance Credit: nullplus/E+/Getty Images

Compare prices for motorcycle insurance by assessing what sort of coverage the policies offer, reports Bankrate. Get quotes from home or auto insurance providers that may offer multi-policy discounts, companies specializing in motorcycle insurance and riding associations that offer insurance discounts, adds Look into the amount of discount that various insurance companies offer for safety considerations.

When comparing the prices of motorcycle insurance policies, decide whether you want to cover liability for the other driver and vehicle only or also add coverage for the theft of your motorcycle, liability for passengers and uninsured motorist coverage, advises Bankrate. If your motorcycle has costly enhancements, check the price of extra coverage for a sidecar, custom paint or chrome accessories. Find out if the company that already insures your home, car or boat offers a discount for covering your motorcycle as well. Some companies that deal only in motorcycle insurance offer rates below those of larger companies, points out Pay a minimal yearly fee to become a member of a motorcycle club, and become eligible for its insurance discount.

Compare how much you save on premiums if you have a clean driving record and take a motorcycle safety course, according to Find out which companies offer additional discounts if you install an anti-theft device on your motorcycle.