How Do You Compare Life and Dental Insurance Coverage?


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It is difficult to compare life insurance and dental insurance because they are two different types of insurance that have different goals. Dental insurance is designed to provide customers with coverage for dental care, such as routine cleanings and major dental work, as reported by Bankrate. Life insurance, on the other hand, does not cover medical procedures or doctor's visits but provides a payout to a policyholder's family in the event of the policyholder's death.

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Life insurance is essentially a way of helping to ensure a policyholder's surviving loved ones from financial ruin in the event of their death. While it can be argued that both types of insurance deal with monetary benefit, life insurance policies pay out to individuals specified by the policyholders, while dental insurance plans pay out to a health care provider. Life insurance pays out when the policyholder dies, as reported by Fidelity. Dental insurance policies pay out when the policyholder visits a dentist for an approved procedure.

Dental insurance plans are very similar to health insurance plans in that there are often coverage networks and different types of plans that offer specific types of coverage. Life insurance only lines up with this structure in a very broad sense. There are different types of life insurance coverage and different companies' policies may offer different kinds of benefits, but ultimately the goal of life insurance is very different than the goal of dental coverage.

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