How Do You Compare Health Insurance Rates?

How Do You Compare Health Insurance Rates?

To compare health insurance rates, consumers should review available plans through their employers, review plans through the government marketplace and then compare the benefits and prices offered through the various options, states NerdWallet. People can also search plans through the private sector by visiting a comparison site, such as

Use the following steps in order to compare health insurance rates:

  1. View employer plans
  2. Many businesses and organizations offer health care plans for their employees, so employees should first view the available plans provided by their companies, notes NerdWallet.

  3. Visit the marketplace
  4. After reviewing other available plans, if any, shoppers should go to the government marketplace at

  5. Input data
  6. Click on the "Get Started" link and input the home's ZIP code, family members and estimated income.

  7. Compare plans
  8. Review the available plans and prices from the marketplace with the plans and prices from the employer-offered plans, if available. There are several factors to consider when comparing plans, including the plan's structure and network, out-of-pocket costs, benefits and the monthly premium. Also keep in mind that government subsidies may be available to lower the monthly premium costs.

Consumers can also shop for individual plans without utilizing the government marketplace. Organizations, such as eHealth, allow visitors to compare prices through the private sector, notes the company site.