How Do You Compare Energy Rates With Penn Power Price to Compare?


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Compare energy rates with the Penn Power Price to Compare by locating the appropriate charge per kilowatt-hour for your billing class and checking it against the same rate for different power companies. It may be necessary to inquire about cost per kilowatt-hour rates from other providers directly if a Price to Compare sheet is not available.

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Penn Power publishes a Price to Compare chart on its website, FirstEnergyCorp.com, that includes energy prices for its different customer classes, which relate to the size of the facility receiving the power. All prices appear as the cost per kilowatt-hour, which means the price of generating and delivering energy in kilowatts to the service location for one hour. Penn Power also includes any state regulatory fees in the price, which can change over time. To compare the prices, choose the current rate for your service class and look at the cost per kilowatt-hour for another company, factoring in the same fees and charges.

In some instances, other providers may present rates in different amounts or over different terms, calling for additional conversions to translate those values into the format that Penn Power uses. Certain providers may also impose other fees that are not part of the Price to Compare rate, which is only the base cost of energy service, that can affect the final cost of coverage.

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