How Do You Compare Different Types of Travel Insurance?


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To compare different types of travel insurance, obtain general estimates from insurance agents at several companies by visiting their websites or phoning them, advises USA Today. Specify the length of your trip, your itinerary and any specific requirements you have, such as medical coverage or coverage for valuable possessions. Once you realize the type of coverage you need, contact a number of carriers for specific policy estimates so that you can compare prices.

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After you receive quotes from several companies, try to use them to bargain the agents down to a lower price, reports USA Today. Before you buy a policy, obtain a copy, study it thoroughly and have a company agent point out where all the coverage points you need are clearly specified, explains Consumer Reports. Important coverage includes cancellations due to illness or inclement weather, lost or stolen luggage, and medical emergencies. Be sure a medical policy covers any pre-existing conditions you may have.

Avoid purchasing travel insurance from cruise line representatives, tour operators or travel agents because they receive commissions from the sales and may attempt to sell you a high-priced policy, cautions Consumer Reports. Before buying travel insurance, find out if some of your coverage overlaps the auto, life, homeowner's or health insurance that you already have.

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