How Do You Compare Dental Plans?


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Compare dental plans by weighing up the pros and cons of each one. Pay close attention to the cost of each plan, the benefits provided and the providers who accept each plan.

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First, the cost of each plan must be compared, which includes the premium, the deductible and the co-insurance. Some plans my have higher premiums but lower or no deductible or co-insurance, while other plans may have lower premiums but higher deductibles and co-insurance. It is also important to consider the frequency that the patient uses the dental plan to decide which type of plan is most cost effective.

Second, the benefits of each plan must be compared. Some plans may cover routine dental care but require larger payments for more advanced care, such as for fillings and reconstructive work, while other plans may cover all costs. In addition, the network of the plan must be considered. It is beneficial to choose a dental plan with a network that includes the primary dentist since the cost of the dental work may be considerably higher if the dentists are not in the coverage area. All these factors must be considered when comparing dental plans, so patients can choose the plan that best fits their needs.

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