How do you compare banks in Maryland?


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Some ways to compare banks in Maryland include looking at lists of the top banks in the state and reviewing their websites individually, looking at sites that offer summaries of different banks and checking comparison sites like Credio.

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FindABetterBank is a good resource to find summaries of different banks in order to compare their features, accounts and rates. To find a bank, first find the page for Maryland, and then click on the nearest city. This page gives a list of all banks in that city. Click one of the banks to view a summary. It includes information like the accounts offered and what the rates are, other banking services like loans and IRAs, and some reviews from previous or current account holders. There are also sites like GoBankingRates.com that show a list of all the top banks in Maryland to look through.

To compare multiple banks on one page, use websites like Credio. Search for Maryland or a more specific location, such as a city or county. The list then provides the top banks in the area. These short summaries include the name of the bank, a rating, whether it is a national or regional bank, and bullet points with facts about the bank. There is also a way to filter the results based on the type of bank, whether it is online or a branch-only bank and to search only for credit unions.

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