How Do You Find a Company's EIN Number?

To find the EIN of publicly traded companies, search for it on Securities and Exchange Commission filings pertaining to the corporation. Search for the EIN of private businesses by looking through public company records. Look on a W-2 to find your company's employer identification number.

Finding the EIN of a private business may require extensive research through the Secretary of State's public records or using a dedicated online EIN search engine. If the company files for bankruptcy, court documents may show the EIN number. Insurance companies disclose their EIN on their financial statements. To find a copy of the statement, search the National Association of Insurance Commissioners official website.

Search for nonprofit EINs on the company's Form 990. Companies that collect information about nonprofit charities, like GuideStar or Foundation Center, make this information available online.

To find the EIN of political parties or political organizations, search on the Internal Revenue Service's official website to find a copy of the company's Form 8871.

EINs, which are also referred to as Federal Employer Identification Numbers or FEINs, function as a company's Social Security number. When financial institutions look at a company's credit report or Dun and Bradstreet Report, the EIN identifies the business. If you intend to use the EIN for tax filing purposes, know that some employers use more than one EIN.