How Do You Know If a Company Is Legit?


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To know if a company is legitimate, visit the company’s website, review the available modes of payment, and research the company thoroughly on the Internet. Where possible, visit the company’s physical location to get more information.

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Visit the company’s website to look for clues of its legitimacy. A legitimate address and telephone number are good signs. The website should also have a Terms and Conditions page as well as additional Web pages such as Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Contact Us and About Us. Email addresses and domain names may not be reliable indicators, as these are relatively easy to obtain.

Reviewing the available payment options can offer information on whether or not a company is legitimate. Although many companies allow for unsecured payment methods, legitimate ones usually have secured payment options including Visa, MasterCard and sometimes Paypal, many of which guarantee to protect their customers' purchases.

Lastly, searching the company name on a search engine can reveal customer feedback, information and reviews about the company. Searching the company name on authoritative websites such as the Better Business Bureau can offer more information about the company. Other online tools can allow users to search company contact details, financial performance, credit score, director structure and other useful information.

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