What Is a Company Ethos?

company-ethos Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

The ethos of a company is its core set of values or operating principles that are used to set the tone for the company's overall operations. In general, the ethos expresses the way that a company wants to behave. Some companies include concepts like environmental awareness or a democratic structure of communication in their overall ethos.

Businesses that have compelling ethoses end up winning clients even when their prices are not the best in the market or their products or services might not be the most innovative available. Their ethoses may capture the attention of their niches, and their clients develop an emotional attachment.

Green Mountain Energy is an example of a company that has captured a larger market share than it might have otherwise because of its commitment to providing energy through means that are pollution free. The company's ethos involves using power from sun, wind and hydroelectric sources so that its customers do not contribute to global pollution. The company's marketing and outreach push this ethos, quantifying the energy use of its customers in terms of the number of trees saved or the number of cars taken off the road. These statistics make its ethos easy to understand,