What Is a Company Description?

A company description is a summary of important information related to a business and its operations. It is commonly used to present the company to the rest of the world. The description should clearly identify the objectives, goals and purpose of a business.

A company description provides useful and meaningful information to those seeking to learn more about the company. It can provide information, such as the business type, a description of its services or products being offered, the future outlook of the company and a history of the business and its functions. Company descriptions often contain a mission statement, a leader’s message and information about achievements obtained and awards won by the company. Key personnel, corporate governance, social responsibility and company culture are also important information found in a company's description. Publicly traded companies may include financial information in the company description.

The company description can be useful for building the credibility and image of a business. It can be used to present key information about the business to customers, investors, the media or the general public. A company description should be memorable and created in a unique way that distinguishes the business from other businesses, although there is no specific information that must be included or excluded in it.