What Are Some Companies That Train Their IT Workers?

Some companies that train their information technology employees are Epic Systems, Fidelity Investments and Exelon Corporation. Training may include internal courses, computer-based programs, mentored on-the-job practice, and tuition reimbursement for degree- and certificate-based education.

IT employees typically receive onboarding training to learn the company's systems, software applications, policies and procedures related to their jobs. They also train on new versions of software and new equipment and tools.

Epic Systems develops health care software for hospitals; their business is health care IT. New employee orientation, a reference library and biannual learning weeks are part of Epic's continuing education and training program. The company also provides tuition reimbursement and a personal professional development fund to employees.

Fidelity Investments makes it a priority to keep up with technology developments, so the company educates its employees on new technologies with access to external training. Employees can also access an online repository of technology readings and seminars and may take business and financial industry courses.

Exelon, a provider of energy products, maintains a centralized learning website where its employees can learn on demand. Employees base their choices on career interests and needs. Exelon also offers reimbursement for education expenses related to an employee's job.