What Companies Specialize in Electronics Repair?


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The Electrical Equipment Company, Genco and Electronic Repair Company are some businesses that repair electronic devices. They offer repair and refurbishing services for a variety of common industrial and residential appliances such as computers, printers, phones and coffee machines, as noted on the companies' respective websites. These companies also perform repairs on associated electronic equipment including computer hard drives and disks.

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The Electrical Equipment Company provices repair services along with product pickup and delivery, notes EECOOnline.com. This brand offers factory automation, which tracks clients' electronics through the repair and recovery process, and caters to industrial clients, particularly warehouses. It offers diagnostic services to identify faulty electronics, then creates a custom repair schedule. Items that it repairs include transformers, sensors, motors, counters, encoding devices, circuit boards and breakers, pumps, timers, touch screens and push buttons among others.

Genco is a company that offers testing, repair and refurbishing services for clients. It also has forward and reverse logistics to keep businesses running smoothly. It offers diagnostic equipment to diagnose problems quickly and accurately, along with scalable solutions and economically efficient repairs. Available repair services as of 2015 include inspection, disposal, failure analysis, board-level repair, cosmetic fixes, flashing and CPI clearing and comprehensive failure testing to detect and prevent future recurring problems.

The Electronic Repair Company services many electronics. Power tools, small appliances, televisions and audio equipment are its main areas of service. It works with brands such as Braun, Cuisinart, Waring, KitchenAid, Oster and Krups.

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