What Companies Service GE Electric Motors?

Some companies that service GE electric motors include GE Motor Services, Gainesville Industrial Electric Company, Northern Electric Motor Company and City Electric Motor Company Incorporated. General Electric service centers are located in numerous major cities, including Buffalo, Burlington, Charlotte, Denver and Los Angeles. The company also offers field engineering services, monitoring and diagnostic services, and technical support.

GE Motor Services specializes in servicing electric motors in factory settings, mining operations, and the oil and gas industry. It services both General Electric equipment and machines made by other original equipment manufacturers. The company offers GEGARD insulation system maintenance, installation and repairs; it also provides monitoring and diagnostic services for industrial systems. Additionally, GE Motor Services sells spare parts and equipment and helps companies with outage and shutdown planning.

Gainesville Industrial Electric Company specializes in GE electric motors and sells GE replacement parts and maintenance equipment. The company is a factory-authorized warranty center, and its repair facility is approved by the Electrical Apparatus Service Association. Its repair facility features a rotor core tester and temperature-controlled burnout oven. Gainesville Industrial Electric also offers machine shop services.

Northern Electric Motor Company specializes in electric motors and generators, including GE products. The company provides repair services for AC and DC motors and controls, such as motor rebuilds. It services hoists, speed reducers, transformers, generators and pumps. This Massachusetts company also offers engineering troubleshooting services to factories in southern New England.

City Electric Motor Company Inc. provides a number of services, including electrical and mechanical redesign and analysis of motor failure problems for GE products. The company's engineers consult with industrial facilities to improve efficiency and ensure that machinery is optimally designed. It rebuilds and redesigns many types of motors, including AC squirrel cage, DC and two-speed motors.