Which Companies Sell Utility Poles?


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Some companies that sell utility poles include StressCrete Group, Lonestar Prestress and Bell Lumber and Pole. According to company websites, StressCrete and Lonestar Prestress sell concrete utility poles, while Bell Lumber and Pole sells wooden ones.

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Concrete utility poles are ideal for power distribution and transmission applications, according to StressCrete. They are maintenance-free, chemical-free, durable and resistant to rot, insects and woodpeckers. They can be custom-engineered for strength, size and load requirements and can also give a clean uniform look. The smooth surface makes it easy to attach electrical hardware, and bolt holes can be precast or drilled to specifications, according to Lonestar Prestress. The concrete can also be dyed to produce colored poles.

On the other hand, wood utility poles are forestry products that can be made from Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Red Pine, Southern Yellow Pine and Lodgepole Pine, according to Bell Lumber and Pole. The type of wood affects properties of the utility pole, such as length, strength, flexibility, twisting and ease of climbing. Generally, the wood is chemically treated with preservatives and is pressure treated to make it water resistant, dimensionally stable, and split and check resistant, thereby increasing its useful life, even up to 80 years.

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