What Companies Sell Time Clock Switches?


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Some companies that sell time clock switches are NSI Industries, Intermatic and Omron Industrial Automation, according to their websites. Time clock switches are used to switch machines on or off, from small household appliances to complicated industrial machinery. Some are mechanically operated while others are digital, programmable and wireless.

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NSI Industries make timers primarily for lighting, pump, fan and farming applications, according to their website. Timers can be programmed in cycles of a day, a week or a year. They carry a variety of small in-wall plug-in digital timers for indoor and outdoor use.

Intermatic develops and manufactures multi-voltage, high performance and programmable time switches, primarily for energy saving applications. They make mechanical time switches, electromechanical time switches and wireless time switches. Their switches can be used to program defrosts in refrigeration systems or the heating cycle in water heaters.

Omron's industrial time switches come in digital, analog and delay relays. They serve a variety of industrial applications, such as temperature control, energy savings, error detection in control loops, cutting butter to size, counting workpieces, measurement of rotation and circumferential speed error between two conveyors, and programmable applications, such as production line conveyor shifting, water treatment and automatic opening and closing of pool covers, according to IA.Omron.com.

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