What Companies Sell Self Adhesive Electrodes?


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Some companies that sell self-adhesive electrodes include ScripHessco, PainrxStore and StimRX. Allegro Medical Supplies and Advantage Medical also sell self-adhesive electrodes. Each of these companies sells their products online on their respective e-commerce portals.

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ScripHessco sells round and square-shaped electrodes and ValuTrode cloth electrodes. It carries foam and wire electrodes from brands such as Axelgaard, Chattanooga, Dynatronics, Mettler and Rich Mar. Its prices range from under $20 to around $100.

PainrxStore is an online medical supply company that sells self-adhesive TENS electrodes. Their reusable products last from between 20 and 30 uses. The company offers electrodes in a variety of shapes, including round, rectangular, oval and butterfly. They also carry wireless electrodes and hypoallergenic products.

StimRX specializes in electronic muscle stimulation technology for muscle toning, pain relief and recovery. It offers lifetime and money-back guarantees for its self-adhesive electrode products. Its products include large rectangular cloth electrodes, rubber electrodes for muscle toning and self-adhesive electrodes that range between $12 and $60. It advertises its smaller pads for muscle recovery purposes.

Allegro Medical offers DuraStick electrodes that can be purchased separately or packaged with a battery and charging kit. Its electrodes have a smooth design with a carbon and silver film. They are flexible due to the incorporation of foam in their construction. The company's website provides information on how to clean and maintain the electrode pads so they retain their durability.

Advantage Medical provides reusable and disposable electrotherapy electrodes. The company offers electrodes in a variety of shapes and sizes for use on different parts of the body. Advantage Medical carries several brands of electrodes, including ScripHessco, ValuTrode, UltraStim and RichMar. Its inventory includes carbon, cloth and foam electrodes.

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