Which Companies Sell Prefabricated Log Cabin Homes?

Which Companies Sell Prefabricated Log Cabin Homes?

Wood-Tex Products, Zook Cabins, Golden Eagle Log Homes and Green River Log Cabins manufacture and sell prefabricated log cabins, according to each company's website. Each of these companies offers different packages and floor plans designed to make their cabins highly customizable.

Wood-Tex Products constructs prefabricated log cabins and delivers them to building sites in modular form, where technicians from the company set the houses on foundations and assemble them, notes the company's official website. It takes two to five days to complete the on-site work, which includes adding interior and exterior trim. Crews use cranes to hoist the modules into place, so each building site should be accessible to a large trailer.

Zook Cabins builds previously inspected and approved modular log cabins that meet building requirements for residential properties, explains its website. The company delivers the cabins a few weeks after finalizing plans and securing a deposit.

Golden Eagle Log Homes offers customers three options: a complete package, a shell-plus package and a one-of-a-kind package. The complete package provides all exterior and interior components, which ensures compatibility. Customers who choose the shell-plus package retain the option to upgrade, according to the Golden Eagle website.

Green River Log Cabins builds homes in its factory and then transports them to an approved site, explains the company's website. Green River makes cabins designed for a traditional foundation as well as RV models that only require leveling and securing. Cameras in the factory allow customers to watch the construction of their homes.