What Companies Sell Plexiglass at Wholesale Prices?

What Companies Sell Plexiglass at Wholesale Prices?

Companies that sell plexiglass at wholesale prices include AliExpress.com, DHGate.com, ProfessionalPlastics.com and WholeSaleArtsFrames.com, as of 2015. Each site includes tools for conducting product searches and narrowing results according to price and shipping method, with some offering tools to choose different sizes and thicknesses of glass as well.

AliExpress.com is a marketplace that features products numerous manufacturers across the world, offering products such as plexiglass sheets at wholesale prices. The products on the site come from different sellers, each of which has its own rating and discount program through the site. Prices vary between products, as some are sold per unit while others per meter.

DHGate.com primarily sells plexiglass in pre-cut sheets, some of which include special features such as unique colors. The site also features items from different sellers, all of which set their own prices for shipping. As such, users are able to sort through listings according to shipping cost.

ProfessionalPlastics.com offers customers more customization options on orders, with its plexiglass order form including options to specify the thickness and tolerance for each piece as well as the exact dimensions for the cut. Price varies depending on product type, size and shape.

WholesaleArtsFrame.com sells plexiglass for use in art frames, meaning its sizing reflect common picture frame dimensions. It offers different thicknesses and features, such as products that reduce glare, and includes an option to order custom cuts.