What Companies Do Sanitation Testing?


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Intertek and CSA are two companies that offer sanitation testing on a national basis. Sanitation testing kits and recommendations to local or regional companies are available from some health departments. If using a national company is not feasible, contacting the local health department is the best way to find a local testing provider.

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Different types of sanitation testing standards are used for food service, septic and sewer systems, and pools and other water features. Intertek provides sanitation testing for both kitchens and pools, while CSA focuses on food service equipment.

Food service tools that can be tested by both companies include ice makers, dishwashers, refrigerators and cooking equipment. Intertek also offers electrical certification for kitchen products, which can be done at the same time as the sanitation inspection.

Non-kitchen products tested by Intertek include pools, spas and other recreational water products. Both kitchen and water feature testing are performed to national standards in both the United States and Canada. CSA does not offer this form of sanitation testing.

Neither of these national companies provides testing for sewer or septic systems. Sanitation testing for sewage disposal systems is coordinated through the local health department to ensure compliance with all local and state laws.

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