What Are Some Companies That Repair Paper Shredders?

Some companies that repair paper shredders include Fellowes, Capital Shredder, GBCConnect.com, ShredderGuys.com and MasterMachineandRepair.com. Authorized technicians who partner with Fellowes provide on-site repairs for business shredders in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Central America. Customers can locate local authorized repair services on Fellowes.com.

Capital Shredder is a Maryland-based business that sells and repairs commercial document shredders. The company serves businesses around Washington, D.C. and in Maryland and Virginia, and also supports companies around the world with on-site repair services and replacement parts. Capital Shredder offers 24-hour emergency repair service in North America and Western Europe. The company services a number of shredder models, including Dahle, Kobra, Meiko-Shokai, Formax and HSM shredders.

GBCConnect.com offers shredder repair service at locations in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. GBC, which is the largest supplier of branded office products in the world, covers repairs through a service warranty that it offers its customers. The company's clients can place shredder service requests through GBCConnect.com.

ShredderGuys.com repairs and refurbishes shredders throughout the United States, including models by Martin Yale, MBM, SEM, Kobra and Formax. The company, which is part of Paper Processing Solutions, Incorporated, is based in Denver, Colorado. ShredderGuys.com repairs and services shredders at customer locations, and also provides inspection services for commercial shredders. The company offers a service warranty that covers shredder repairs following the first year after purchase. It also trains business owners to service their own machines.