What Companies Recycle Scrap Metals?


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Companies that recycle scrap metal include Sims Metal Management, Sadoff Iron and Metal Company, and Capital Scrap Metal. Both Recycling Today and Recycler's World feature lists of multinational companies that recycle scrap metal.

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What Companies Recycle Scrap Metals?
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The price for scrap metal varies based on the type of metal, country and region within a country. For current scrap-metal prices, websites such as ScrapRegister and ScrapMonster feature the latest prices for scrap metals, including aluminum, steel, brass, copper, gold, nickel and lead.

Products made from aluminum typically include siding for buildings and beverage containers, while products made of steel include building materials, shelving, doors, tools and other equipment. Items made of brass may include bed frames, door knobs, musical instruments, faucets and nails. Residential and commercial pipes and jewelry are examples of products made from copper, gold, nickel and lead.

Companies that recycle specific types of scrap metal typically post accepted metal on websites or at the front entrance of scrap yards. These companies may also specify the types of items accepted for recycling, such as small and large appliances, electronics that contain metal parts, and vehicles and vehicle parts. Most companies require scrap-metal sellers to their metal to the scrap yard to obtain an accurate weight before payment.

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