What Companies Purchase Human Hair?


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Human hair can be sold on the online marketplaces HairSellOn.com and OnlineHairAffair.com. These websites connect sellers of human hair with buyers. Selling hair on a marketplace often yields more money than selling it directly to a company; however when selling hair to a company, the chance of being scammed is much lower. The company Hair Harvest buys hair directly from sellers to be used to make wigs for those with hair loss.

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Hair Harvest buys tight ponytails of hair in a bag to their headquarters in England. Hair Harvest buys hair over 14 inches; however it recommends a length of greater than 16 inches. Old hair is acceptable, however may not be as valuable as fresh hair. Hair Harvest pays with PayPal or check.

When selling hair, its important that it is well taken care of before hand. Healthy, untreated hair is worth much more than hair that has been bleached or sun damaged. Having a healthy body contributes to having healthy and vibrant hair, which is more valuable. Eating the right foods, using sulfate-free shampoos and not smoking makes hair much more valuable to buyers. When shipping hair, it must be in a very tight ponytail, either cut at home or from a salon. If the ponytail isn't extremely tight, the hair might fall apart and become useless.

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