What Companies Provide a Sample Disaster Plan?


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Some organizations that provide sample disaster plans include Ready.gov, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Red Cross and the Disaster Recovery Journal. These organizations produce disaster plans for families as well as plans that address the specific needs of schools and workplaces.

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Ready.gov is an informational resource provided by the federal government to help individuals and organizations make effective plans for disaster preparedness and recovery. Some of the sample disaster plans available on their website include the Family Communication Plan, which focuses on reuniting family members in a disaster, and the Commuter Emergency Plan, which focuses on travel needs during and after an emergency situation. The government agency FEMA provides additional federal resources for disaster planning.

The Disaster Recovery Journal delivers information critical to maintaining business continuity through emergency situations. In addition to its namesake periodical publication, the Journal provides templates for disaster preparedness and recovery plans and policies on its website.

Disaster relief is the primary mission of the Red Cross, and users can benefit from the organization's many years of experience through the library of training materials and sample plans available on its website. The Red Cross provides sample disaster plans for families, businesses and schools, with information organized by type of disaster. This humanitarian organization provides disaster relief all over the world and offers disaster preparedness supplies through its online store.

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