What companies provide fair terms on credit cards?


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Finding fair terms for credit cards depends more on a person's credit score than on the credit card company, according to Consumer Reports. However, no creditor is always safe. The consumer must always review the terms carefully and compare offers before selecting a card to see the most benefit.

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The terms of credit products on offer differ significantly for various levels of credit. Credit cards also serve different purposes, notes Consumer Reports. Some cards specialize in travel rewards. Others are for rebuilding damaged credit. Consumers benefit by choosing the card that best suits their needs and by not accepting more credit than necessary. What terms are fair depends largely on the use intended for the card.

The Schumer box on credit offers, a box of text that summarizes the costs associated with the card, allows consumers to review each card's basic terms, notes Wikipedia. However, sometimes there are additional terms relating to issues such as dispute resolution or the universal default clause buried in the fine print.

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