How Do Companies Get Free Phone Numbers?

Services are available from companies like Google Voice, iNum and Phonebooth Free that include a free phone number packaged with other features which may be used by a business.

The Google Voice package includes a free phone number with the ability to record incoming calls, convert them to text and have them sent to your email account. Google Voice also allows you to call any phone number in the U.S. and is only available in the U.S.

The iNum package provides users with an 883 country code, intended to represent a unified global country code. By using this 883 code prefix like a virtual phone number, a user can call any number in the world and be called by any number without having to use area codes or pay rates that would normally be associated with those area code calls.

The Phonebooth Free package provides a free phone number that can ring multiple phones for an incoming call (up to 50 phones), including your cellphone. It transcribes that incoming phone message to text at your option, and can provide a digital receptionist service which offers custom menu options to the caller. Phonebooth Free is thus ideal for use in small businesses and home office settings.