What Are Some Companies That Pay Drivers to Advertise Using Their Cars?


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The company Carvertise pays drivers to place advertisements on their cars. However, as of December, 2015, many advertising companies have abandoned this form of marketing because it is not as profitable as other advertising methods. The Better Business Bureau warns that while there are a few legitimate car advertising businesses, there are also many scams involving driver advertising.

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Carvertise.com pays drivers to display vinyl stickers featuring business brands and logos on the sides and rear windows of cars. The company operates in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, and pays its drivers on a monthly basis. Its clients select drivers who can best represent their brands. When an advertising campaign ends, the company pays to have the advertisement removed from the car.

According to BBB.org, many dishonest schemes promising money for car advertising have ensnared unwary drivers. In these situations, a company often arranges to pay participants by check, but sends them a check for more than the agreed-upon amount. The fraudulent company then instructs the participants to wire a portion of the money to a third party, and the initial checks turn out to be worthless. In many cases of fraud, drivers are held responsible for the full value of the bad checks.

BankRate.com reports that free car programs, in which advertisers give a free car to drivers in exchange for marketing exposure, as well as programs in which drivers are paid to advertise on cars, are few and far between as of December 2015. In the case of legitimate programs, national advertisers tend to seek drivers of newer-model cars in urban areas. However, some small local companies still use car advertising campaigns, and may seek local drivers through newspaper advertisements or on company websites.

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