What Companies Offers Medical Forms That Can Be Accessed Online?


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Some companies that offer online medical forms include SubmitPatientForms, MedForward, Medical Web Office and Practis Forms. Online forms allow patients to fill in their information before a doctor or dentist visit to save time, validate insurance, and uncover any severe medical issues, states SubmitPatientForms.

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Some types of available patient forms include appointment requests, patient registration, adult and child medical histories, and physical therapy referrals, according to Practis Forms. Other available forms include prescription refills, release of records, patient satisfaction surveys and breast questionnaire. Medical Web Office even offers a mobile and browser dashboard that patients can access at their convenience.

A doctor who uses online forms increases office efficiency, so he has the opportunity to see more patients, states Med Forward. Forms offered by online medical form companies are HIPAA-compliant and use various safety features to keep patient information private, states Practis Forms. Online medical forms are also easy to edit and provide patients and doctors with email reminders for important information, states MedForward.

Because of poor penmanship and illegible handwriting, serious medical mistakes occur when patients fill out forms by hand. Over 100,000 patients die each year because of mistakes like these, states SubmitPatientForms. Electronic forms reduce the guesswork involved with forms leading to clearer communication between doctors and patients.

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