What Companies Offer Typing Tests That Give Words Per Minute Results?


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Some companies that offer typing tests with words-per-minute results are TypingTest.com, KeyHero.com, and 10FastFingers.com. The typing tests, also known as "wpm tests," vary between these three websites, but all tests are free of charge.

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TypingTest.com offers either one-, two- or three-minute tests. The user chooses between several categories of text, such as Aesop's Fables, Rules of Baseball or The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Upon completion of the test, a results page displays typing speed, number of spelling errors, and the adjusted typing speed. For example, if the user typed 50 wpm but had 5 spelling errors, the adjusted typing speed would be 45 wpm. This score is then used to grade the user's skill as either Slow, with 0 to 24 wpm; Average, with 25 to 44 wpm; Fluent, at 45 to 59 wpm; Fast, with 60 to 79 wpm; or Pro, for those clocking in with 80+ wpm.

On KeyHero.com, the user is asked to type a quote from a famous person, from Friedrich Nietzsche to Stephen Colbert, that varies in range from 25 to 50 words. There is no time limit; the test ends when the user finishes typing the quote. Tests are graded for speed and accuracy.

10FastFingers.com gives users one minute to type a string of words that, when grouped together, are incoherent. An example: "got important down number father learn miss America." The results include wpm, total number of keystrokes, and number of correctly spelled and incorrectly spelled words. A percentage score is given, ranking the user amongst other users of the site.

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