What Companies Offer Free Replacement for Defective Windows?

What Companies Offer Free Replacement for Defective Windows?

Companies offering customers free window parts, repairs and labor for defective windows include Champion, Milgard and Quality Exteriors. These companies provide window repair and parts replacement under warranties, and customers should consult with the window company about specific warranty conditions.

Champion's comprehensive warranty plan covers window installation and product defects. This warranty option doesn't charge customers for necessary parts and materials, including broken glass and failed window seals. Champion also doesn't charge for removing debris associated with a defective window.

Milgard offers a full lifetime warranty on several of its window brands, and its warranty covers defective materials and poor workmanship. Warranty coverage is good for as long as the customer owns his home, and its warranty extends to new owners for a limited time if the home is sold.

Quality Exteriors offers a lifetime warranty on defective windows and repair costs, which is transferable.

There are numerous problems that cause defective windows. One common issue is leaking windows, and this causes unwanted moisture to seep into the home's interior. Windows that are damaged sometimes produce a weeping effect from moisture.

In some cases, windows don't operate properly; an example being a window that is difficult to open or close. A defective window might be missing a part such as a head or sill flashings.