What Companies Offer Renters Insurance in Florida?


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There are many insurance companies, agents and brokers located in Florida. Examples of companies offering renters insurance in Florida include: Geico, Security First Insurance and GreatFlorida Insurance.

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It is always advisable to shop around when purchasing any type of insurance. Geico offers free quotes online, as do most insurance companies. Geico is an example of a direct insurance company, where the consumer deals directly with the insurer. GreatFlorida is an example of an insurance broker who compares quotes from different insurance companies. The broker in this scenario receives his compensation from both the insurance company and the person looking for insurance to ensure the best deal for clients.

In different situations, different companies may be able offer more competitive rates. Just because a direct insurer or broker is cheaper in one situation does not mean they are going to be in every one. After purchasing an insurance policy, check regularly to make sure that your pre-existing rates remain competitive.

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