What Are Some Companies That Offer PLC Programming Tutorials?


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Companies that offer programmable logic controller training and tutorials, as of 2015, include Udemy and AutomationDirect.com. Both companies offer full programmable logic controller training, and AutomationDirect.com has short tutorial videos available.

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The programmable logic controller training available from Udemy is a course for those who have little to no experience in this area. The course teaches the basic tools necessary to complete a programmable logic controller program using current practices. This course features over 90 lectures and over 20 hours of video content, which is available on the Udemy website. By the end of the course, students have all of the knowledge necessary to create programmable logic controller programs from scratch.

AutomationDirect.com has two programmable logic controller training programs. One of these programs is for individuals who do not have any experience in programmable logic controller programs, and one program is for those who have experience and are looking to enhance their skills. These programs come in DVD format, which allows users to receive in-depth training at their convenience.

AutomationDirect.com also offers free online tutorials for programmable logic controller programs, which help students to get a basic overview. These tutorials start with defining logic controller programming, and webinars supplement the information given.

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