What Are Some Companies That Offer Personal Bodyguard Services?


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Some companies that offer personal bodyguard services include Pinkerton, Stone Security Services and Private Bodyguard Services. These organizations offer a range of personal protection services and different levels of coverage.

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Pinkerton offers various protection services, including executive protection for business leaders on the job, home protection, driving services and bodyguard services. The company serves a variety of prominent and wealthy clients, including politicians, celebrities, corporate leaders and foreign dignitaries. Most of the company’s bodyguards have backgrounds in law enforcement or security and extensive training in law, firearms use, sensitivity and client protection.

Stone Security Services is an executive protection company operating out of New York City. The company offers discrete protection services for clients in New York as well as surrounding states such as New Jersey and Connecticut. Founded by a former NYPD officer, Stone offers bodyguard services to celebrities, diplomats, corporate executives and other high-income clients. The company also offers related services, including event security and secure transportation.

Private Bodyguard Service offers the expected range of security services, including personal protection, family protection, transportation and on-site security for events, offices and more. PBS also specializes in high-risk scenarios including kidnappings, hostage situations and terrorist threats. The company also offers bodyguard-training services for clients looking to educate their own personnel.

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