Do Any Companies Offer Paid Online Surveys for Kids?

KidzEyes and Panelpolls are two companies that pay kids ages 6 to 12 for taking surveys. For teenagers, some paying survey companies are Ipsos i-Say and SurveySavvy.

For children's safety, companies that gather information about kids under 13 must comply with the Federal Trade Commission's Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. Both KidzEyes and Panelpolls are COPPA compliant.

KidzEyes' surveys seek children's opinions about products and services for kids. Parents must grant permission for their child to join KidzEyes. Children receive an average of one or two survey invitations per month by email and may also check the website for surveys. Once a child earns 1,000 KidzPoints from taking surveys and other activites, he gets a check.

Panelpolls' surveys are also about products and services for kids and teens. As with KidzEyes, children receive survey alerts via email and can earn points towards checks for the surveys and other activities. Each survey or activity pays at least $1, and some pay $5 or $10. Kids get $1 for every 1,000 points and can redeem the points when they have at least 10,000 of them or $10 worth of points.