What Are Some Companies That Offer Online Quotes for Title Insurance?


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Two companies that offer online quotes for title insurance are Entitle Direct and Fidelity Title. The title rates, endorsement fees and closing costs may vary for each company.

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Entitle Direct has over 35 years of experience in providing title loans. The company currently operates in 40 states and is based out of Ohio. When the user gets an online quote for title insurance, Entitle Direct asks a series of initial questions such as the property's city, state, ZIP code and email address. Fidelity Title requires a person to specify the ZIP code in which the title insurance will be listed to begin the process of formulating a quote. Title insurance protects against financial loss due to defects of real property and problems that can cause a mortgage loan to no longer be valid. The title rates, endorsement fees and closing costs for title insurance change over time. First American Title provides a title fee calculator that can help those applying for title insurance to know the current rates nationally. Title insurance companies can also assist a property owner legally due to attacks on the validity of a title and reimburse the value of any monetary loss that may occur. Title insurance is endorsed in the United States due to the structure of land record laws.

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