What Are Some Companies That Offer Online Bill Payment Solutions?

What Are Some Companies That Offer Online Bill Payment Solutions?

Companies that offer online bill payment solutions include First Data Corporation, Wells Fargo and ACI Worldwide, Inc. Western Union also offers online bill payment solutions.

First Data Corporation payment solutions offer a nationwide lockbox network and payment gateway that boost electronic processing and favor multiple online payment options. Financial institutions reduce their operating costs and increase efficiency by streamlining administration through Biller Payments solutions. These solutions offer customer service and sophisticated security tools that improve customer relations and safeguard account information.

Wells Fargo provides a fast online Bill Pay service that allows payments through computers and smartphones. The service permits individuals and businesses to receive and set up automatic payments and review their payment history in a safe location. Wells Fargo’s Payment Guarantee service ensures that payments are accurate and on-schedule.

ACI Worldwide offers payment solutions such as the Banking Bill Pay, which provides financial institutions with customized payment options; the eBill, which allows customers to access bills on various channels, such as websites and mobile devices; and Reseller Services for ACI clients to sell payment services and tools to their customers.

Western Union offers customers an online payment service for utility, rent and mortgage payments. This round-the-clock service accepts international payments in other currencies.