What Companies Offer Moving Boxes for Rent?

Companies such as Bungobox and Rent-A-Green Box offer moving boxes for rent. Rentacrate also offers rentable moving boxes, but the company is more focused on commercial moving than residential.

Moving boxes for rent are not the traditional cardboard box. Instead, these sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives are made of durable, heavyweight plastic and have secure lids. They are stackable, to conserve space, and they come with the convenience of never needing packing tape. These boxes are also cost-effective. Bungobox compared the cost of renting a three-bedroom package for one week and found it to be up to 50 percent less expensive than other companies, as of 2014. U-Haul's package retailed for around $231, Smart Moving about $142, and Cheap! Cheap Moving Boxes around $188, while Bungobox's package rents for around $105, according to Bungobox.

When performing a commercial move, plastic boxes are not the only option. Rentacrate offers purge and shred bins to rid the office of unwanted files in a safe and private manner. Crates built to hold legal and letter size files are available, as well as crates complete with reusable bubble wrap and bags for transporting computers. Plastic crates and dollies are also available for rent, as well as corrugated cardboard to protect walls and doorjambs during the move.

Rent-A-Green Box takes sustainability one step further and uses recycled materials to construct their boxes, or Recopacks. The Recopacks keep belongings secure from dust and water and can be locked with Reco-zipties to prevent theft.