What Companies Offer Free Massages for New Customers?

What Companies Offer Free Massages for New Customers?

Private massage therapists, spas, hotel resorts and specialty gyms sometimes offer free massages to entice new customers. Many locations offer the use of electronic massage chairs for free or for a minimal cost to simulate the benefits of traditional massage.

Massage therapy involves the use of rubbing and kneading to relax muscles, connection tissues and tendons. The main functions of a massage are to help relieve stress, rehabilitate injury and enhance well-being. The process can offer a wide range of secondary benefits, such as to ease anxiety, lessen headaches, improve circulation, reduce arthritis, improve range of motion and lessen back pain.

AngiesList.com lists a number of common types of massages, including Swedish massage, trigger point massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu and watsu. In the United States, consumers spend nearly $5 billion annually on massages as of 2015. Professional massages generally last between 30 and 90 minutes at rates of roughly $1 per minute.

Besides AngiesList.com, Yelp.com offers extensive listings of local massage parlors, and the American Massage Therapist Association provides an online search tool for licensed practitioners.

It is important to read ratings and reviews of different massage practitioners. Elements such as the masseuse's experience, safety record and cleanliness are important to consider. In addition some massage parlors have been cited or shut down for illicit activity and should be avoided.