What Companies Offer Free Gasoline Cards?

Some companies that offer free gasoline cards include Exxon & Mobil. Shell is another company that offers free gasoline cards to customers, notes FuelRewards.com.

BP and Hy-Vee also offer free gasoline cards, as do some Sam's Clubs throughout the United States. Many local gas stations or businesses may also offer free gasoline rewards cards, although the restrictions and usage may vary.

When interested in a free gasoline card, customers should inquire at a local station to sign up. Most of the companies also allow customers to sign up using the website. To sign up, users will have to input specific information and a card will be mailed to them at their mailing address.

Each rewards card is different in how it works. Most allow the customer to earn points or cash back by shopping in the store. For example, as of 2015, users can earn 10 cents back for every $100 they spend at BP, as stated on the BP website.

Customers can redeem their rewards automatically at the gas pump or by paying in the store. Some gasoline companies also provide reward points or cash back to certain credit card transactions. The reward amount varies depending on the company as do the requirements for claiming the reward.