Which Companies Offer Custom Rubber Molding for Small Parts Production?


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Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company and a Flexitallic company named Custom Rubber Products are two companies that offer custom rubber molding for small parts production. These companies are able to create custom molds and mass produce rubber parts to speed up another company's small parts production.

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Companies that offer custom rubber molding take design specifications with precise dimensions from an outside party and create a mold in which they can mass produce the design. Many companies will outsource certain parts of their production to other manufacturing plants, such as rubber molding plants, who are able to make the product quickly and cheaply. Rubber molding companies are often willing to take on clients who have custom designs for mass-production purposes, but it is more difficult to find companies who are willing to use their resources for a one-time molding.

Both Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company and Custom Rubber Products offer custom molding, custom mixing, and prototyping. Pierce-Roberts has a wide range of rubbers that they are able to use in manufacturing, such as neoprene, urethane rubber and butyl rubber, and their custom mixing service helps individuals and companies decide on a rubber that best suits the function of the part that is being manufactured. Depending on which type of product needs to be manufactured, each company has the capability of doing injection molding, transfer molding and compression molding.

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