What Companies Offer Commercial Truck Insurance?

Some companies that offer commercial truck insurance include Progressive, A Classic Plan Inc. and GEICO. Commercial trucks are often excluded from personal auto insurance policies because these policies are meant for individuals and not businesses, notes GEICO.com.

Progressive is America's number one truck insurer as of 2015, notes Progressive.com. Some of the benefits Progressive offers to commercial truck insurance customers are flexible payment options, 24-hour claim services and customized policies. Types of commercial truck plans include motor carrier, owner operator and private carrier.

A Classic Plan Inc. offers primary liability insurance required by state and federal law and protects truck owners from injuries to other people as well as damages that result from truck accidents. It also offers non-trucking liability, also known as bobtail coverage. This limited liability protection applies when a commercial truck is used exclusively for personal reasons and not while operating professionally for a trucking company.

GEICO offers an extensive range of commercial truck coverage options including property damage liability coverage, medical payments, uninsured motorist coverage and bodily injury liability coverage. Its physical damage coverage pays for truck damage resulting from theft, fire, flood or vandalism. Bodily injury liability pays for injury or death that results from an accident and provides legal defense for the driver.