What Companies Does Monsanto Own?


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Subsidiaries of Monsanto Company include Agracetus, Calgene, DeKalb Genetics, First Line Seed and Monsoy as of 2015. Monsanto is a subsidiary itself as it is 85 percent owned by Pharmacia.

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Three of Monsanto's subsidiaries are biotechnology and genomics companies. Agracetus holds patents on a large number of crops including GM cotton and soy. Calgene performs research in genetic resistance to herbicides and insects as well as preservative techniques for tomatoes and strawberries. Plant Breeding Cambridge International Limited owns a wide variety of grass species and breeds a number of different vegetables and seeds.

The rest of Monsanto's subsidiaries are seed production companies, some of which also do genetic research. Asgrow primarily produces soybeans, sorghum and maize and is best known for producing Roundup Ready varieties. Cargill's International Seed Division produces a wide variety of seed types throughout the world. First Line Seed mostly produces Roundup Ready soybeans.

EID Parry is a cotton seed producer based in India. Holden's Foundation Seeds is one of the largest maize producers in the United States. MAHYCO is India's largest private seed production company. Monsoy is Brazil's largest soybean producer, and Sementes Agroceres is one of the largest maize seed production companies in Brazil.

Monsanto also has joint ventures with Renessen LLC and ConAgra.

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