What Are Some Companies That Manufacture Water Tank Heaters for Livestock?


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Farm Innovators, the Miller Manufacturing Company and Allied Precision Industries are some companies that make livestock water tank heaters. The companies produce a wide variety of heating and de-icing devices that are typically sold at farm and agricultural supply stores. Most tank heaters are usually powered electrically.

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Allied Precision Industries is a subsidiary of the Miller Manufacturing Company, but Miller has retained and markets both brand names. Available products include tank side heaters, floating and sinking de-icers and drain plug de-icers in 1,000 and 1,500-watt varieties.

Tank side units clamp to the tank and have stainless steel elements that extend down into the water. They work by keeping the water at a fixed temperature but can't be used on plastic tanks. Floating models keep stock tanks ice-free by warming the water surface and have a galvanized wire guard to protect the sides of plastic or structural foam tanks. Sinking styles rest on the bottom of the tank so they are less likely to be disturbed by livestock and have a low water level shut off to protect the device. Drain plug de-icers replace the tank's plug to ensure that it can be drained if necessary.

Farm Innovators offers a complete line of heaters as well but makes a larger selection with each type available in a premium, utility and economical model. It also makes specialty heaters for narrower hog watering reservoirs as will as a line of bucket heaters.

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