What Companies Make Snow Blowers?


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Craftsman, Toro, Cub Cadet and Honda all make snow blowers in a variety of types, sizes and capacities. Most manufacturers have a complete line from small electric to large three-stage self-propelled gas models. Choosing the correct type to meet specific snow volume and area to be serviced is very important.

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For small driveways and sidewalks with eight inches or less of snow, any of the single-stage models can handle the task. Corded electric units are typically less expensive and require the least maintenance but do require a long extension cord that will stay flexible in the cold. Gas models are more maneuverable and generally have a wider clearing path than the electric versions.

For driveways over 60 feet and heavy snow, two-stage models are the best. They are all gas powered with the engine also propelling the wheels. They have a set of augers or tines in front that collect the snow and an impeller fan that ejects it. These units move snow faster and farther with less wear and tear on the user. They also have adjustable skids so they can be used off pavement.

Three-stage units are very similar to the two-stage models, but they have an accelerator that allows them to work much faster.

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