How Do You Find Companies Looking for Distributors?

Ways to find companies looking for distributors include joining online associations, attending trade shows, reading trade magazines and contacting brand manufacturers. Questions to ask a supplier include those regarding order processing time, return policies and volume discounts.

Online associations, wholesales directories and trade directories are great sources of information when looking for a supplier. Adding a ZIP code to the search helps to get more localized results.

Trade shows require time and money but are worthy investments when searching for a supplier. 10times and TSNN are good resources that help distributors find events by location and industry.

Local trade magazines typically have classified sections where companies looking for distributors place their advertisements. Checking industry-specific magazines may return more accurate results.

Some brand manufacturers sell wholesale, although typically only in high volume. Contacting the manufacturer and asking about distributors or wholesalers selling to small businesses may yield the desired results.

It is good practice to negotiate delivery schedules, minimum order quantities and pricing terms before signing a contract with a supplier. Getting an attorney to review the contract before signing can also help to get the best deal. Ask for references and perform due diligence before transacting any business with a company looking for distributors. The Better Business Bureau is a good resource for discovering any complaints or problems that others may have experienced working with a company.