What Are Some More Companies Like ABC Distributing and Their Websites?

Several companies offer home decor and furnishing items similar to ABC Distributing, including LTD Commodities, Fingerhut, The Lakeside Collection and Ginny's. The website addresses for these companies are: ltdcommodities.com, fingerhut.com, lakeside.com and ginnys.com.

Like ABC Distributing, LTD Commodities, Fingerhut, The Lakeside Collection and Ginny's give consumers the choice of shopping online or via a free catalog. Each of these sites offers affordable home furnishings and accessories for both adults and children. Bedroom items include comforter sets, mattresses, blankets, sheets and beds. Bathroom items include towel sets, bathroom organizers, shower curtains and accessories, bath mats, and scales. Living room items include coffee tables, end tables, couch sets, recliners, lighting and storage cabinets. Ginny's features specialty items such as fireplaces that burn artificial logs. Popular kitchen items including cooking appliances, dishes, storage containers, dish racks and curtains are easy to find by selecting the kitchen links.

Shoppers seeking ideas for holiday gifts will find a large selection of gift items similar to those offered by ABC Distributing. Each one of the alternative sites carry an extensive array of gift items suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and other popular occasions. In addition, some of the sites feature fun decorative accessories perfect for outdoor and indoor celebrations.