Which Companies Have the Best Layer Hens for Sale?


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Companies that specialize in selling the best layer hens include eFowl, Murray McMurray Hatchery and Stromberg's. These companies sell a variety of egg laying chickens, which have unique qualities that are attributed to each breed. Consumers can purchase hens that produce traditional white eggs or eggs of another color.

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Companies that sell layer hens typically feature breeds that produce a high number of eggs, which are considered the best. Some of the best egg laying hen breeds include the white leghorn, the red star and Rhode Island red. White leghorn hens are one of the top commercial egg producers in the world, and a single hen can produce around 280 white eggs per year. White leghorn's also have a high resistance to disease.

Red hens, such as the red star and Rhode Island red breeds, are highly regarded for their hardiness, reliability and brown eggs. Rhode Island red hens have long been among America's most favorite laying chickens and are recognizable by their distinctive red crest and comb.

Raising and caring for layer hens in an urban or farm environment requires ensuring the hens get adequate nutrition, water and shelter. Hens must have high quality laying mash, or pellets, usually supplemented with calcium-rich oyster shells, fresh fruits, vegetables and meal worms. Coops must be protected from predators and have sanitary nest boxes.

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