What Are Some Companies That Hire Work-at-Home Employees?


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Companies that hire work-at-home employees include software engineering firms, sales companies, debt collection agencies and customer service call centers. Many smaller companies also hire a variety of roles as remote contract positions, such as designers, writers and editors.

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Companies that require computer programming frequently hire employees to work at home, particularly in the case of small and international firms. This format allows the company to access a wider range of engineers, though it typically must set up a secure communication system to allow the employee to modify and submit code to the appropriate projects.

Sales jobs are also common telecommuting roles. This allows for more privacy and less noise interruption compared to a standard office environment. For the same reason, customer service call centers also frequently hire remote employees. These companies often provide the worker with software to manage customer calls and access records. This also allows companies to offer support services across a longer time frame, as the agents may live in different time zones.

Small businesses often hire work-at-home employees to handle single tasks, such as designing a website or formatting an ebook. Some companies may also hire these contractors on a recurring basis to handle matters such as accounting or graphic design, submitting projects as they become available. Writers and editors also commonly work from home, sometimes through the same freelancing system.

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