Which Companies Hire Senior Citizens?

Companies that frequently hire senior citizens include Home Depot, Walmart, Verizon Wireless, Walgreens and Staples. Age discrimination laws prevent employers from discriminating against senior citizens, so any company that is hiring is a valid option for qualified senior applicants.

On the American Association of Retired Persons’ 2013 list of the best employers for senior citizens, over one-half of the 50 companies listed were health care companies or universities. Job titles in these fields include medical assistant, home health aide and educational instructor. Medical assistants and home health aides don’t require formal education, and both jobs have positive outlooks, as of 2015. However, educational instructors typically need training.

Retail positions typically offer flexible hours and the opportunity to interact with customers. Job titles in this field include cashier, stock room associate, greeter and store manager. A senior citizen can apply to a large store with a variety of products or choose one that focuses on his area of expertise. Senior citizens who enjoy gardening should consider applying as florists.

Assets that make senior citizens attractive candidates include experience and commitment. Senior citizens usually have considerable work experience, which is an advantage over younger job-seekers. They are also typically committed to their companies and unlikely to leave to advance their careers.