What Are Some Companies That Hire People With a Felony Record?

What Are Some Companies That Hire People With a Felony Record?

Companies that hire people with felony records include Ace Hardware, Dollar Tree, General Mills, Chili?s and Home Depot. Although these companies offer jobs for ex-offenders, there is no guarantee of landing a job. Job seekers have to go through the standard application and interview process to secure employment.

There are many industries that accept ex-offenders. The U.S. military is a good place to start. Recruits previously convicted for burglary, drug possession and assault among other charges now enjoy felony waivers. Because of increased U.S. military involvement in the Middle East, the military offers more opportunities for ex-convicts than before.

Background checks in construction are not as strict as in other industries. Areas that offer good wages include HVAC installation, electricity and carpentry. Ex-felons who are willing to improve their skills and are able to devote their time to working stand a better chance of finding employment.

The hospitality industry is also relatively lenient on people with criminal backgrounds. McDonald?s and Longhorn Steakhouse, for example, have no restrictions on felon recruitment. Many other establishments actively employ ex-felons, although some may have restrictions on specific types of past crimes such as violent or sex offenses.

Work-at-home jobs offer people who want to avoid background checks the opportunity to earn a decent living. The Internet offers a range of freelance employment opportunities such as marketing, accounting, design, writing and photography.